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We deliver text!

We deliver text in different formats, different incarnations and for different devices, no matter how complex it is. Processing text is our core activity and at the heart of everything we do is TEX, an open source text processing language and program that runs everywhere and every platform including mobile devices and cloud.

It is our mission to make use of free and open source software, open standards and formats to process text to avoid the traps of proprietary technologies. We write our software to format text and believe the best way to achieve our mission is to provide the very same software that we use to process content as a service to our customers.

We deliver Software as a Service!

TEXFolio is a complete journal production system that will be needed for publishers and text processing companies engaged in academic journal publishing. TEXFolio is available as software as a service. [Read more ...]

Neptune is a proofing framework for LATEX authors that assists to see track changes, edit or change any object, generate proofs instantaneously and download the same, etc., all in the cloud with browser as the sole software needed at the client side. [Read more ...]

Neon is an automated production of PDF from XML. Currently, Elsevier journal article DTD and NLM/JATS DTD are supported. Typically, it takes one to five minutes time to format a 15 page document with 40 figures and tables. [Read more ...]