TEXFolio is a complete web based production system that accepts XML documents as input and generates a variety of outputs as per user directives. At the moment, TEXFolio accepts documents tagged as per NLM/JATS or Elsevier Journal Article DTD. The typesetting engine is TEX which allows hyperlinked, bookmarked and standards compliant PDF output of infinite variants in terms of look and feel. It further permits TEX authors to directly edit their documents at proof stage and a master copy editor can pass it for publishing with minimal loss of time. With lower learning curve and with its menu driven output generators, TEXFolio makes it a pleasure to undertake all stages of document production like restructuring, enrichment, copy-editing, XML generation, validating, fetching/checking/adding links from CrossRef, ORCID, PubMed, Genbank or similar sites, PDF creation, generation of raster images of math formulae, dataset creation and validation, shipout to client repositories, etc.

With the introduction of TEXFolio, we are moving away from the decades long production system based on classic computing model of terminals and command line execution that were primarily inherited from free software which we always used. Although the underlying engine of TEXFolio hasn’t deviated from the genre of free/libre software, the computing paradigms have markedly shifted to those in vogue to make ourselves modernized and competitive in terms of technologies and performance. In fact, TEXFolio allows our staffers to undertake any stage of work anywhere in the world, provided the clients permit, owing to its absolute compatibility with cloud and mobile computing. That is further augmented by the usage of LATEX3 methdologies and programming to perfect the production system to an efficient, automated and accurate one. More details can be seen here.

A Few Screen shots

A few screen shots have been linked here that explains the efficiency of TEXFolio. Click the images to zoom in to full sized ones.

Machine assisted proofing

Spell checking in TeXFolio

Easy math checking by graying out the surrounding text

Automated dataset making

TEXFolio in action: Pretty printed XML and TEX sources and PDF windows side by side to assist easy typesetting.

TEXFolio in action. See a document with long caption split across two pages without any hassles of TEX.