What We Do

We typeset academic journals and documents with heavy mathematics in the disciplines of science, technology and medicine (STM). For that, we depend on a time tested and classical markup based typesetting system called TEX to process textual content and generate various outputs like PDF, XML and related deliverables. TEX, which is the de facto standard for the communication and publication of scientific documents is core of the technologies employed. TEX is available as free software.

Free/Libre Software

A lot of free and open source software have been used in production. For example, GNU/LINUX is the operating system for both our desktops and servers. A host of other software like Subversion and CVS for version control, GForge for project management, Mantis for bug tracker, MediaWiki for documentation, custom made production tracking, management, quality checking and performance evaluation system; Postfix for mail transporting, Emacs and Vi for text editing, etc., are widely in use, all belonging to the genre of free and open source software. Even for graphics, GIMP and Inkscape are being increasingly used to replace Adobe software in a phased manner. We have adopted TEXFolio, a web based complete text processing system, core engine of which is TEX and friends, for our production.